We’re gettin old guys.. #hittinour20snow #love :)))

We’re gettin old guys.. #hittinour20snow #love :)))

pilot: october 12, 2007
finale: january 6, 2012

"Sure, we annoy each other. And sure, you’re probably not going to amount to anything. And sure, I might end up along the side of a highway, wearing an orange jumpsuit, picking up trash. But you want to know what I like to call that? I like to call that family. If there’s one thing I learned about family, it’s that as long as we stick together, nothing can hurt us."

FAVORITE SELENA FRIENDSHIPS → selena and david henrie

"David is very protective of me and he’s the kind of person you can go to anytime when you have a problem. He’s sweetest, most sensitive guy I’ve ever met."