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i think her secret project is the movie 13 reasons why.

it’s music related! i don’t think that photoshoot + anything she’s posted over the last year has to do with 13rw. that still seems like something so far away from happening atm

How many followers do you have?

ok i answered this earlier and then deleted it so i guess i shouldn’t do that… i have 75,238

SELENA IS RECOGNIZED SO MUCH FOR BEING THAT PASTY ASS WHITE BOY GIRLFRIEND BUT NOT BY HER BEAUTIFUL ACTING OR HER CHARITY WORK OR THAT SHE IS THE YOUNGEST UNICEF AMBASSADOR. okay that is all selena is just a good person and she is totally over sexualized (she's incredibly sexy, but the media just surrounds everything on her looks and her supposed "boob job") and not respected as the awesome young hispanic women she is bYE.

i sent this to mYSELF i did not but this is beautiful and the fact that society is so sexist is gross may Selena Christ cleanse all those losers of their sins and accept them into her coven

if you’re a selena blog/blog about her significantly like this post i need more lovin around this dashboard

Taylor talking about being protective of Selena Gomez

Why does she need to do that to get off of Hollywood records?

not sure if the contractual obligation requires a greatest hits album or just a fifth album, but either way— contract reasons

what do you think she's doing?

p sure we know that it’s a greatest hits album so she can get off of hollywood records. i feel like there’s more to it though????? i can’t imagine that being a year long project since it’ll only have two new songs so we shall see… maybe it’s that and a single

you guys it’s happening„„, selena is doing….. STUFF… THINGS…… next monTH!`